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Don’t look for a wealthy man or woman. Don’t look for someone with good looks or a great sense of fashion. All those things are deceptive.
Look for a friend and companion. Look for someone who understands you. Look for someone whose soul recognises yours and vice versa . Let the heart choose for you and not the mind or eyes, lust or greed. Lookout for a sincere person who is also a good forgiver, someone you can build an empire with. Find a person that you can start from the scratch with and build an empire together.
Every relationship should be complementary. It should be about bringing out the best in each other and not feeding on the best of one another. Find someone who embraces your dreams and ambitions- a man you can help and guide in achieving his dreams or a woman that you can support and protect without any fear of being dumped due to your financial status. Both of you must confidently face poverty and wealth together. Sterling qualities such as sincerity, loyalty, dedication, peace and wisdom must hold sway in your relationship. Find a good role model for your children and look the part too.
When you build your home together, you will grow stronger and content together.
If a man marries a woman for the sole purpose of her superficial beauty or social status, that man has missed the most important thing that makes a woman a woman.
In the same vein, if a woman marries a man because of his wealth, social status or superficial attractiveness, that woman has missed the things that makes that man who he is. This is food for thought for everyone.

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