The Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Agency has condemned comments made by a housemate, Seyi Awolowo, on the reality television show BBNaija All-Stars 2023.

Seyi had in the early hours of Sunday revealed the type of sons he would like to have and what he would teach them to do to women.

Seyi in his conversation with fellow housemates, Soma and Whitemoney, said, “I gave birth to a boy first, he will fxck your daughter! And I don dey save. I get shina account for my son, miscellaneous account, I dey pay money. I get that account for son, I get that account for my guy son, I get that account for a lot of my boys, their son, they will fxck your daughter!

“My boys! Dem go come meet me say ‘daddy I need the Benz’, I will give them the Benz, I will give them the key to the guest house, them go go run train on people’s daughters. I dey say am plainly and I know where I dey talks am from, I’m giving birth to boys and dey go dey fxck people daughters.”

Reacting to this on their X (formerly Twitter) handle, the agency said, “We strongly condemn the comments made by Seyi Awolowo in the disturbing video that has surfaced. Such remarks perpetuate harmful attitudes and contribute to a culture of violence and abuse.

” The bystanders’ passive response in the video is also deeply concerning because it only enables such behaviour to persist. It is important for us all to actively speak up in circumstances such as this.”

Credit X | Lagosdsva

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