UFC 257: Dustin Poirier shocks the world, knocks out Conor McGregor in second round




Conor McGregor returned to the Octagon after more than a year. All the eyes were firmly on him as the world looked to see which McGregor turns up in Abu Dhabi. Is it the McGregor of old who was a knockout artist or the McGregor of the last few years who had lost his sheen in the fighting game. It was the former who turned up as Poirier took the best shots from McGregor, soaked up the early pressure, and then turned the heat to knock out McGregor.

It was the first time that McGregor lost a match by a technical knockout. Poirier surprised McGregor early with his wrestling as he successfully landed a takedown on him. Wrestling is said to be McGregor’s kryptonite but the Irishman transitioned well and stood up to land some more punches on Poirier.

However, Poirier was landing constant calf-kicks and it was hurting McGregor. As the match went to the second round, there was a limp in McGregor’s movement.

Poirier changed the tempo in the second round and changed the narrative of the fight. It was him that was driving the fight now as he started landing punches. McGregor tried to check Poirier’s kicks but it could not stop his punches.

At the halfway mark of the second round, Poirier upped the ante and landed a barrage of shots on McGregor. A right-handed hook was the one that knocked down Conor and it did not take long for referee Herb Dean to stop the fight.


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