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Two party system best for Nigeria -IBB***says disconnect responsible for insecurity, banditry

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-Bj Bobby and Pam Jenny/

Former Military President of Nigeria General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, GCFR (rtd) has stated that maintaining a two party political system remains the best for the country, just as banditry and insecurity can be tackled if the Military is provided with the right resources.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Arise TV’s The Morning Show on the state of the nation as monitored by our correspondent Babangida who would be turning 80 next week recalled his formative years, saying , “i wish my parents were Alive to have seen stages of my development. I had lost both of them by the Age of 14.”

Arise TV Correspondent, Ngozi Aleagbu (left) and Babangida.

Recalling the Civil War Babangida said it didnt come as a surprise that it would happen as there was a lot of instability which gave rise to interventions such as Operation Wet E and the Civil War was inevitable
Asked about why Nigeria is still struggling with power, and the issue of various infractions within ethicities, he said the elites didn’t imbibe the Culture of harmonious living , “We have to rewrite the narrative. We had political parties who in the past were led by people frọm other parts of the country.I believe in a free market Economy.”
On insecurity, Babangida said the problem is with the leadership, “There is a disconnect between the leadership and followership. We don’t have core values anymore. There are certain issues we should not be talking about now, if we must strengthen our unity.”
Babangida added that leaders should understand the problem of Nigeria and Nigerians, ” From my experience,Nigerians are very resilient and industrious so whoever would lead them must be able to consider a number of factors.”
When asked about his thoughts on restrucring, , IBB said many people do not believe in resource control as they feel they should be in charge of resources found in their localities.
On how Nigeria can fix the economy, Babangida believes that Nigerians are resourceful and He believes that the country can move out of dependency on Oil.
“We need to focus on production if we Want the naira to be at par with the dollar.
For his recommendation on how to tackle banditry, he said the Military is overstretched even though they are doing so much, “The Military must believe in what they are fighting for, be provided with the neccessary equipment and be able to do more.”
On whether Nigeria is moving towards a one-party state, Babangida said Nigerians won’t allow that to happen.Having created two parties while in power, the SDP and NRC, Babangida said, He still maintained, ” Nigeria can do well with a two-party system as it’s the best.”
On 2023 and power shift to the South-East, He said it is either Nigerians practice Democracy the Way it is done around the the World or According to certain whims and caprices, “

On his regrets in Life, IBB said having left office in the last 28years, He said He didnt”t do badly,maybe He was just mis-understood, “I think I made a Contribution to better the society in terms of policies.
Asked about the June 12 Saga, Babaginda quipped that without his intervention,there would have been a coup, ” The Media gave me the name Evil Genius and I still marvel at that.”

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