… says administration won’t tolerate corruption

-Bj Bobby and Pam Jenny/

President Muhammad Buhari has stated that administration will not tolerate corruption in any form. He was fielding questions from a team of Arise TV led by panel led by its Chairman, Nduka Obaigbena. The panel also included anchors from the station, Dr. Rueben Abati and Tundun Abiola as well as Segun Adeniyi, shown on the station’s Morning show, monitored by our Correspondent.

He said: “Corruption will not be tolerated in any form and we are very critical in our approach to fighting it as a government.”
On the Economy, he noted that his administration continues to be committed to the provision of food across the country. Barring his mind on the issue of insecurity. The President noted that one of the ways this is being tackled is the ban on mining activities:”We have stopped mining activities in Zamfara and Sokoto. We also need local security apparatus. I have tasked the New Service Chiefs to bring back Normalcy to the region.”

On the issue of State Policing, Buhari said it is imperative to gather enough intelligence in that regard.
When asked about the Farmers-Herders Clash, the President quipped:” Do you want me to contradict my Attorney General? “
The President said he had requested for a gazette to show does who encroach on farmlands. “The Governor of Benue State is being unfair to me. From all areas, people rush to Nigeria, even Fulanis from other areas. I assure you that those who are culpable would be brought to book.”

On restructuring, Buhari said devolution of powers must be clearly defined” The three tiers of government-Federal, State and local, if they work together won’t be talking about restructuring. “.
The President added that accountability is very important, even in education as teachers work hard to mould characters and future leaders.
He recalled that back in his days, when children erred, they were brought in front of the classroom and disciplined.

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