By Paul Akhagbemhe
Team Edo kickboxer who felt cheated after his bout descended on Team Delta official inflicting severe injuries on him.
The ugly incident which broke out at the Indoor Hall where the game took place started when the referee stopped the fight on the ring to calm down the Team Edo supporters who claimed their athlete supposed to be awarded more points than the Delta counterpart.
The physical combat began after the officials had announced Team Delta kickboxer as the winner of the bout. According to an eyewitness, in the presence of the Deputy Governor of Edo State, Phillip Shuaibu, who came to cheer up the athlete, the hosting state athlete picked offense, punched Delta official to herald free for all fights.

This was as a result of an altercation between Edo and Delta athletes which led to confusion after the officials awarded the match to Delta State.

Aggrieved supporters came in to lend their support, punched the Delta state kickboxing coach leading to an intense fracas between the two states supporters at the venue.

The Delta state kickboxing coach was later rushed to a nearby hospital after sustaining a deep cut close to his left eye.

It took the intervention of the Chairman, Local Organizing Committee (LOC) who is also the Deputy Governor of Edo State, Phillip Shuaibu, together with the security personnel to restore normalcy at the venue.

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