Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules that counties can determine where poll watchers stand


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled 5-2 that a Trump campaign ballot processing observer in Philadelphia has no right to stand any particular distance, and that it’s up to counties in the state to decide where poll watchers can stand.

It’s a significant loss for the Trump campaign at a moment where the legal strategy to block Biden’s win and undermine the election results has been crumbling and in its final throes.

The state high court’s ruling overturns an earlier decision that the Trump campaign called a major win, even while it affected no actual votes in Pennsylvania. But that small win has propelled the Trump campaign in reason days to argue that vote counts across the state have been unfair and prompted them to push suspicions of fraud.

The Trump campaign’s latest loss in court comes amid a break in a hearing where Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is arguing to a federal judge there could have been widespread fraud in absentee voting in Pennsylvania.

That hearing, with arguments that began this afternoon in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, is on a break because an audio phone line that allowed public access to the hearing went down.

Culled from:CNN


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