Morayo Eunice
Marriage is not a business arrangement. Don’t choose an accountant because you are a businessman so that she can help take care of your finance.
Don’t choose a nurse because you are a doctor! Don’t choose a caterer because you are an event planner! Don’t choose a teacher because you have a school you want her to manage. Don’t marry a singer because you are a pastor.

 A true husband/wife will naturally complement the career of his/her spouse irrespective of what he/she does. Don’t push people away because they are not doing the kind of job you want.
When you make business the anchor of your marriage the things that trouble businesses will begin to harass your marriage.
Do not say because you are short in stature then you must choose a tall husband to “balance things” it is not your stature or career that your mate complements but your NATURE! A relationship based on arrangement, devoid of love, commitment and strong feelings is the genesis of divorce.
Every marriage contracted on business terms is on CREDIT!!!
Let God lead you to the person that is suitable to your destiny and you will have a blissful marriage.
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