Table lamps are functional as well as decorative accessories in a room. They can provide the needed illumination and accentuate the décor when strategically placed in a room.

Extremely versatile for illumination, they can be easily moved from one location to another and are commonly used as ascents -secondary lights that provide points of visual interest in a room or general lighting- supplying a comfortable level of illumination in an entire room; and task lighting which focuses on a particular illumination for a work area such as a sewing or reading table.

Choice of lamp style strictly depends on individual taste and use. To bring out the best of the decorative appeal however, efforts should be made to make it harmonize with overall look of the place.

Scale is one of the main elements to consider when choosing the right table lamp. The size should be in proportion to the room’s other furnishing. The table height should correspond to the lamp. The lower rim of the lampshade should be at level of the person seated next to the table lamp.

There is no set rule concerning the acceptable number of table lamps for a room. In fact, multiple table lamps can be used in larger rooms to ensure even distribution of ambient, soothing lighting.

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