Organizing a space can be tedious but we all know it is necessary as it does not only help efficiency wise but it also beautifies. It calls for keeping a space clutter-free and putting everything in its place such that you do not have to waste precious minutes everyday searching for a particular item. However, it is pertinent to note that there is no single right way to organize a space, as one size doesn’t fit all here.

Achieving the desired look is not difficult if attention is paid to certain details. But for spaces like a kitchen for example, a few basic organizing concepts can go a long way in making your life easier.

Glass Front cabinets: this would be very helpful in the sense that apart from providing storage space, it also serves in encouraging you and the family to be more organized. Any clutter or dishware put in the wrong place is instantly visible and would make you feel uncomfortable till it is arranged properly

Form the habit of putting things away: especially when you are not using them or are done using them. Don’t say you would do it later or wait for someone else to do it: just put it away. This singular habit would go a long way in ensuring that your home stays organized always.

Improvise: everyday items can double as storage items as well. For instance, bread baskets, large mixing bowls and trays are functional kitchen items that can double as convenient containers for storing other items that are not in use.

Sort: go through items in your home and sort items appropriately whilst noting the ones to keep, give away, give to goodwill or simply discard. Kept items should be things you make use of at least once a month. Anything that hasn’t been touched or used should be given away or discarded, don’t allow it clutter and occupy unnecessary space.

Items such as beds, chairs, tables, or anything that folds up and can be stored away, hung on a hook or slid under, saves space. An example is the use of countertops that house cupboards underneath them that can contain pots, pans and basic appliances.

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