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Sir: Let me make it public that studying education is a double honour. It is nothing but an advantage. A graduate of Chemistry Education can do most of the things, if not all the things that a graduate of Chemistry can do. But, a graduate of Chemistry is not a teacher and must take a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) to become a teacher. Again, those days in Lagos State University, LASU, when the English major students would refer to the Education students as second-class students, I can remember I stood up in one class and asked them (the English major students): What job awaits a graduate of English?

Of course, they were quick to mention the many things they could do but the truth is there is no specific work that awaits them. A graduate of English Education, Chemistry Education, Biology Education and other educational courses is a qualified and certified teacher. And the next big question: Why should anyone want to be a teacher?

Now, permit me to argue subjectively here. Teaching is the first job that will never seize to be in demand. Decrease in juvenile delinquency, crime rates and other things might play down the role of lawyers in any society. You can say this of many other disciplines. But of course, a society that stops the services of teachers is on the ruin. Again, there is no profession as dignifying on earth as being a teacher. Guess the fulfilment of any of those who taught Governor Akinwunmi Ambode. He doesn’t need to give them a kobo; it’s just fulfilling sitting in the corner of your room and saying to yourself I taught that number one citizen of Lagos State. Let’s get religious now.

I don’t know what Christianity says on this. But in Islam, there is only one job you will continue to be blessed for even when you are dead: Teaching. Every time people use the knowledge they gained from you positively, it gets to you as a blessing in heaven. I shouldn’t forget to add this. At least four of those who thought of me and other education students as second class students back then in LASU have called to know how they could go about a PGDE since teaching is the most guaranteed occupation.

Any day, anytime, anywhere, teaching is a noble profession!

I dedicate this essay to all my teachers and everyone who will read this and accept that teaching is a noble profession.

Bamgbose Ganiu.

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